Cleopatra's SolutionWhy is Sugaring so good?

SugaringSugaring is a completely natural process, no chemicals are used, it is just natural products - sugar, lemon juice and water. Sugar paste looks like honey, and only adheres to the hair which makes for a very effective method of removing hair.

This process is carried out by highly trained practitioners who are careful to support the skin and remove the paste with what is called "a flick". The paste is put onto the skin by hand and flicked off, complete with unwanted hair.

As hair is removed from the root, regrowth is slow and growth diminishes until, with continued treatments, it could cease.

Sugared hair regrowths are softer, sparser and lighter in colour.

Hygiene is critical therefore the skin is cleaned with a bactericidal lotion before treatment. After treatment is finished the area is cleaned again and then a moisturiser is applied to leave you feeling clean and pampered.


Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists

The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists (of which I am a member) recognises the ancient art of sugaring and welcomes Qualified practitioners. I am a highly trained and qualified practitioner, therefore all treatments are carried out to a high standard. Public liability insurance covers all treatments in my beauty room.

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