Cleopatra's SolutionAbout Joyce and Sugaring

Joyce WarrenMy name is Joyce and I am the sugaring practitioner of Cleopatra’s Solution.

I have taken an intensive course under Helena Sugaring Ltd., and therefore am a qualified practitioner which is recognised by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists. This means for you that I know about skin and hair growth and how best to treat the removal of your unwanted hair.

I did not like the smells of hair removing creams, which I found did not last long, and hated the chore of shaving in the shower. Sugaring I found to be kinder and less painful to the skin than waxing, so this was the method for me. After talking to lots of friends about hair removal and what they liked or disliked about the method they used, it became clear that Sugaring was something so effective and beneficial to 97% of ladies and men that the only answer was to open my own beauty room. Men and Women from 10 years old can be treated (as it's simple & safe) and chaperon's (if wanted) are welcome.

So if you would like to visit and try this safe, natural and very effective way to remove all your unwanted hair, just call and make an appointment. You will be welcomed into my peaceful and calm beauty room where you will be treated professionally but without any pretentiousness.

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