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Hello, my name is Joyce and I am the sugaring practitioner at Cleopatra’s Solution Beauty Salon in Medway.

Sugaring is a traditional and ancient art of hair removal that has been around since before Cleopatra and was used initially by women for reasons of hygiene. So, before you grab that razor, cream or waxing pot remember you have only one body, be kind to yourself! Your skin has to last your lifetime.

Using this ancient practice we can remove hair from all over the body, including Full or half leg, Bikini, Underarm, Eyebrow, Upper lip, Brazilian, etc. For a full list view our Price List page.

Sugar paste is made up of sugar, lemon juice and water. No added chemicals, no preservatives and no perfume.

Aromatherapy facials available. Chose relaxing, refreshing or nourishing. Only blended natural oils used on face, neck and shoulders. A full facial with cleansing lasts an hour and a mini facial 30 minutes.

To read more about me and why I chose sugaring see my page.

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