Cleopatra's SolutionA short history of Sugaring

Sugaring is an ancient Arabic art of hair removal.

Sugaring has been practised in parts North and East Africa for hundreds of years, even Cleopatra is purported to have used this method! Women of those times did not have the modern day inventions of showers and deodorants to keep themselves fresh and clean and found it much easier to keep personal hygiene levels high in their hot climate if they removed their pubic and underarm hairs. They were so impressed with the effects that the removal of these body hairs had that they experimented on the rest of their body hair. This left them feeling smooth, clean and much surer about themselves. Which in turn led them into helping one another to remove their body hair by sugaring. As a result of this it is now customary that when an Arabic girl reaches the age of 14 and is ready to marry, that she is sugared all over. The only hair she will have left on her body is the hair on her head, eyebrows and eyelashes. From that day on she is regularly sugared until after a period of time the hair growth diminishes and could eventually cease.

Sugaring was brought into England in 1984 by a Tunisian lady who realised that there were very few women who possessed the art of sugaring and that women in England could benefit from a much more effective, less painful and more pleasant hair removal technique. The art of Sugaring was then born in the UK. I am pleased to offer you this ancient art of hair removal as practised hundreds of years ago.